Opening Supports

Opening Supports

We are ready to raise your quality even more than you thought. Establishment of departments, elimination of deficiencies, Efforts to establish continuity of guest satisfaction and much more details.


As a brand of Turizoom Hotels and Resorts trade, you will be integrated into our online and offline marketing programme coordinated by the central marketing department or implemented in your present department. That means, you get the materials available for your hotel and we will develop custom solutions for your local situation as needed. We provide a responsive website, which is a strong distribution channel and ensure search optimization of your location. We have a PR department, local efforts, social media, newsletters, retargeting and search ads, and much more.

Booking Department

Turizoom Hotels has also a facility management system and a central reservation system (CRS) that handles and request your bookings. Everything is in one system so that optimize your direct sales by phone and mail in our qualified reservation department. All phones in our hotels are directly connected to the booking department with professional available staff. The booking department allows you to focus on your guest requests, they try more bookings for your hotel’s future. the revenue department creates a pricing strategy that will be optimized based on your hotel’s location.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management system is available for your hotel and your market in general. Our revenue department analyzes the market and uses benchmarking tools to ensure your hotel is optimized at the right price at the right time. No need to spend time arranging room prices. We do it for you. Price strategies for your hotel while considering occupancy and RevPAR. We ensure your hotel always has a stable market share. We configure and control your pricing and hotel availability. And also we record provide monthly statistics and annual budget analysis as well as monthly forecast calculations.

B2B Sales Department

Turizoom Hotels has its own sales department that provides local, national and international corporate agreements. More than 1,000 corporate contracts have been added to your hotel since day one. Companies gain access to your hotel with existing discount deals, which means you’re guaranteed a customer database, At the same time, we receive daily requests from new companies that want to make an agreement with Turizoom Hotels and Resorts.

Distribution to Access

We provide a powerful distribution centre managed through our shared server connected which means our hotel is visible and available for sale across all relevant sales channels. Your hotel also has its own profile on Turizoom Hotel web pages, where we are constantly optimizing the content and keyword usage. We also support your presence on global distribution systems (GDS) and online travel agencies (OTAs) and also optimize your online presence in search engines.

Opening Supports

Training from the HR Department

During the opening or presence of your hotel, we help you find the right employees and train them to ensure everyone is well hospitality knowledge to be part of your hotel. Our HR department is committed to continuously providing the education and training of our most important services. When you are looking for a hotel manager, revenue staff receptionist, bellboy or other staff we assist you throughout the recruitment process or train them. Turizoom Hotels is known as a large and well-run company with favourable conditions. We value our employees and ensure a good balance for the hospitality sector. With our deep-rooted culture, we are ready to find out or train attractive employees with the best candidates.

Contract Benefits

We are being a flexible franchiser considering your budget. You will love to work with Turizoom Hotels trade for long years.

The operating agreement fees will be the minimum cost and the continued running costs of maintaining the franchise are separate.

Accounting and Financial Management

The financial department of Turizoom Hotels manages a wide range of tasks that facilitate daily monthly and yearend operations at the hotel. We help with all financial tasks such as budgeting, management reporting, liquidity management, fee reporting, registration, billing and payments, material preparation for audit and VAT reporting. In addition, accounts of receivables and financial accounting (protection of fixed value record, balancing and staging, etc.) We do more than that.

IT Infrastructure

With technology, we improve our results and make our routines more efficient. When you own the franchise of Turizoom Hotels, you become part of an integrated into a powerful it system structure.

A few project topics we do about the management system and booking system as below;

  • IP tv and remote control systems
  • Connections Booking Engines
  • Communication network systems
  • Office Automation Systems
  • Construction equipment monitoring systems
  • Automatic fire alarm and linkage control systems
  • Public security defence systems
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Door lock systems
  • Weak Current Power Supply and grounding system.