Project preliminary review

To complete the preliminary studies on information technologies by making a feasibility study within the framework of the current structure of the business and investor demands.

Project preparations

To prepare a complete information technology project based on 30 years of experience in the IT sector in line with business needs and to provide application support.

  • Designing and managing an information technology project according to standards and needs.
  • Preparation of the project budget and preparation of the budget.
  • Gathering at least 3 different professional and high-level offers from companies for quality but low-cost options and presenting the collected offers to the management with a table.
  • To prepare the technical specifications after the company’s decision to purchase the product.
  • Taking measures to reduce investment budget management and then budget costs.
  • Preparation of the relevant capex-opex for purchases.
  • Managing IT purchasing contracts.
  1. Structured cabling solutions
  2. Telephone and switchboard solutions
  3. Active&Passive Network Solutions
  4. Datacenter (system room) solutions
  5. Server & virtualization solutions
  6. Security Cameras (CCTV) solutions
  7. Card Entry Systems
  8. Hotel / Building Management Systems
  9. In-room Entertainment
  10. Information Screens
  11. Information Systems
  12. Specification Preparation
  13. Hotel/Building Opening
  14. Process Tracking – I
  15. Hotel/Building Opening
  16. Process Tracking – II
  17. Post-opening support processes and training