Determination of concept details.

Determination of room types and features.

Initiation of marketing budget and implementation.

Preparation and presentation of a special welcome and registration procedure for individual guests and groups (including pre-check-in, VIP, welcome)

Establishment of concierge and bellboy services

Setting up a custom night-audit system

Establishment of a special vault system

Organizing a very efficient and specialized computing program establishment.

Establishment of the front office reservation system.

Follow-up of the installation of the Banks and Credit Cards system

Personnel selection and initiation of training.

Creating front office placement and needs lists and helping to make choices.

Telephone Exchange and other communication systems, training.

A special study on telephone speaking skills

Arrangement and selection of forms to be used in the front office.

Taking the sections into operation from the construction phase

Determination of all sales prices and sales and marketing strategies.

Creation and execution of public relations activities during the construction phase

Preparation of guest satisfaction and loyalty program.

Preparation of manuals and procedures

Preparation and implementation of job descriptions and responsibilities for all positions

Design and implementation of training courses


Performing Guest Check-in and Check-Out operations,

Booking and selling rooms.

Keeping account records of all guests and billing them.

To provide guest communication.

To provide guests with information about the Environment and to have up-to-date information.

To take initiatives to resolve the requests and complaints of the guests.

Checking the rooms and ensuring that the cleaning approval is obtained.

To carry out mandatory official actions.

Daily Customer Record, Daily Police Record etc.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Forecast tracking and room occupancy reports.

Agency Analysis, etc.

Making Sales and Marketing Plans.

Giving and supervising staff on-the-job training.

To ensure that the documents used in the front office are properly archived and to create a guest Data Bank.

Working to increase profitability

To establish and promote service standards to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and to increase quality.

Submitting a report containing all the activities of the previous month, the previous month’s reports are submitted on the 15th of each month,

Sales and marketing activities for the coming months.