Istanbul Has Become The Focus Of Foreign Hotel Investors

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 03:08 pm

According to the latest statistics; Ali Can Aksu, Chairman of TURIZOOM International Hotel, stated that the number of hotels with Tourism Operation Certificate is 4,520, the number of hotels with Municipality Certificate is 9,250, and there are approximately 580 hotels in the investment phase, and that our country has a total of 14,500 hotels and 1,800,000 beds.

Saying that Istanbul has about 40% of this potential, Aksu informed that according to the new economic data, there is a hotel investment of over 100 billion USD in Istanbul.

Ali Can Aksu continued his words as follows:

With the decrease in the effect of the pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the positive effect of Istanbul Airport, and the economic crisis in our country, Istanbul has become a centre of attraction.

Therefore, hotel purchase and investment requests from international investors started to come to our firm Turizoom International Hotel Investment & Consulting every day. Serious demands are received from investors from Iran, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait, Denmark, Azerbaijan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Sudan and Pakistan.

 Supply does not meet the high demand

In particular, there are requests between 15 million and 50 million USD. Hotel investors increased their facility prices 10 times compared to 2019. On the one hand, this issue makes us happy. In particular, the upright stance of the Turkish hotel investor is a source of pride.

Istanbul seriously needs new destination development. Istanbul Airport’s transit passenger capacity, Galataport expectations and Yenikapı port project will carry Istanbul’s tourism investment potential and the earnings aspect of this potential to very high levels.

Atatürk Airport new concept plan should be designed for the development of Istanbul tourism. Istanbul will be the main actor in the giants league among world countries and rivals in the next period.

Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency’s (TGA) contribution to this success is very high

Especially Laleli, Sirkeci, Sultanahmet, Aksaray, Eminönü, Fatih region hotels should prepare themselves for concept/quality management. Municipalities should give serious support to this issue.

Of course, ‘Illegal hotel management activities’ under the name ‘Daily renting a house is one of the factors that hinder our development in hotel management the most.

This issue is of great importance in terms of both commercial and state security. The Ministry of Interior should deal with this issue seriously and without compromise.

Turkish tourism has a serious opportunity. It needs to be evaluated very well. Our final word to investors: “Leave the job to professional managers and take care of our qualified personnel. Afterwards, it will be a success story.”

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