“Grown-ups can’t enter. These hotels are just for kids.” We created our new “children’s hotel” concept, not a “child-friendly” hotel, which we set out with the slogan.

Children are the decision data of the family. they want to have a holiday where they enjoy it the most, have fun and have a good time. Of course, they also direct their families. We care about children, and we have prepared a concept for our children.

In our hotel concept, where children can have a nice time where can have fun freely, families will have a comfortable and peaceful holiday, where there are the most beautiful options, we have prepared places with playgrounds, pocket cinema, mini theatre, shallow entertainment pools, water slides, children’s disco, plenty of animation, courses with pedagogues and professional instructors and children’s organization centres.

With the concept of providing culinary training to those who want to be curious and serving the dishes they prepare, we offer their favourite dishes in open buffets.

We also display posters of famous movie characters in their rooms to meet robots, and children’s TV channels.

We stand by our children with our colorful designs.